Since 1986, a story made of innovation, experience and quality for metalworking.

leandro montanari - Gima SpaGima S.p.A. Joint Stock Company is a highly qualified firm operating in the metalworking sector, specialized in turning and stamping. Gima was founded as a partnership and small artisan firm in 1986 in Castelfidardo in the Province of Ancona. A company unique in its kind, able to combine the technologies of stamping and turning, in order to create assemblies and parts that have features of both processes, assisting the custom- er from the designing stage, for a 360° service.
After obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, Gima has grown focusing on quality as a guideline for its business decisions. Thanks to this philosophy each goal reached has become a new starting point.

1994 – Thanks to a determined and constant policy of profit reinvestment, research and modernization, Gima increases the number of its staff and orders, attaining an annual turnover of more than six billion Lira, laying the cornerstones of Gima’s development in the years ahead.

1996 – The company becomes a Limited Liability Company and is transferred to Recanati (Macerata Province) onto an area of 8000 sq.m. In the same year Gima purchases its first anthropomorphic robot for the CNC lathes.

1997 – In 1997 Gima obtains UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 certification from the ICIM. In the same year the Company acquires its second robot for the numeric control lathes.

1998/1999 – Gima buys an adjacent plot of 9.000 sq.m. and a wire EDM machine to produce its own tools and dies. In order to improve its production management, the company implements an automatic vertical warehouse for the storage of its products.

2000 – Gima becomes a Joint Stock Company.

2001 – Gima purchases an industrial plant of 5.500 sq.m. on an area of 20.000 sq.m.

2002 – The restructuring and modernization of this second production factory is completed and the stamping department and workshop with tooling laboratory are transferred to the new facility.

2003 – UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 certification is adapted to the new international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

2006 – The stamping and die making department is improved with the purchase of presses of up to 315t and the introduction of additional wire EDM and work stations.The turning department is further developed and modernised with new CNC machines.

2012 – The certification is adapted to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

2014 – Gima purchases five new 9-axis lathes for turning operations.

2015 – Gima buys three new presses for the blanking department, including a 315t toggle press for coining and drawing.

Today – Gima has more than 120 lathes, half of which are CNC lathes, as well as 20 grinders, 10 transfer ma- chines and 10 rollers. The stamping and die making department has a machine fleet of 25 presses, 10 CNC working centers and 5 wire EDM machines.