An experienced and efficient work management methodology since over 50 years.

Gima S.p.A. is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The quality control of Gima S.p.A. is not only a process, but also a real department. Gima S.p.A. uses, beside traditional measure tool, automatic laser, mechanical contact measure station and three-dimensional CNC coordinate-measuring machine (CMM). Since 2015, Gima S.p.A. adopts the Keyence IM system.

Twenty terminals provide the collection of data inside the production department, and a central server archives them for monitoring, consulting and for the emission of certifications and shipment documents.

Gima S.p.A. is able to execute several mechanical tests and FEM analysis, in order to prevent critical issues.

On customer request, Gima S.p.A. can guarantee a 100% quality control for all critical dimensions.


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