Professional implementation and customized products for last-makers

Located in one of the most historical and important areas of the Italian Footwear Industry, Gima S.p.A. has stood out in accessories for shoe last makers since decades. The experience in metalworking and sheet metal forming allowed Gima S.p.A. to become the major supplier for last producers all over the world. Several customers, among others, are form India, Mexico, Portugal, Ethiopia, Turkey, South America and Australia.

Over time, the company has specialised itself in the construction of the metal parts used for lasts production, featuring a high mechanical quality.

Spring OT58 Ø8mm

Mollette in acciaio

Steel spring with plate

Snodo tendo

Alfa steel spring

Molle acciaio alfa

Pivot pin Ø7, Ø6, Ø5

Perni acciaio

Spring american type complete

Snodo America

Plate for direct injection and insert

Inserto a piastra in acciaio a iniezione diretta

Forged busching Ø10 and Ø12

Bussole Ø10 e Ø12mm acciaio

Sheared forms

esempi Lamiera tranciata

Pipe tensioner for shoe-trees

Tubo tendiscarpa metallo

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